Monday, November 3, 2008


Welcome to the blog! Its taken me a little while to actually get started on this, but for the few of you linking through my personal blog to this one- Thanks for checking us out.

Rough n' Tumble T-shirt Co. is the brainchild of myself and one miss Emmalee Raiford (say Hi, dear)- the product of our crafty nature and our love of harebrained schemery! We've been trying our hand at DIY silkscreening for some time now, and we've finally decided to get on with it and try to make some money. Right now we're getting our ETSY webpage started, but before that anyone in Columbus can feel free to pop on over to the CCAD Student Art Sale (dates to follow) to buy from us in person! We have a few designs ready for production, which I'll post below. This is going to be the place to go for updates, and to give us your input and comments on upcoming designs. Any requests? Comments? Show us some love!

These are just sample images- I tried my best to reflect the size of the image versus the size of the t-shirt but they're not exact. We'll be trying out some different colorways and different color t-shirts, too.